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Internship R&D with the dedication ‘robot floor’


Profielnorm BV is a leading European company with three branches in Europe dedicated to the manufacture and supply of mezzanine floors with cold-formed profiles. The robust and beautifully designed mezzanine floor enables companies to multiply their storage capacity economically. The multidisciplinary nature of the engineering department in the company has made us able to develop our design tools. The company is always seeking improvement in costume-made solutions and automation. To expand our knowledge and integrate new structural elements, we would like to offer the internship to a student.

The Intern will help to conduct a study to recognize the requirements for having a mezzanine floor on which robots are moving heavy objects. The existing structural elements should be checked based on the new requirements to define the existing floor limits to carry the loads from the robots. You will investigate the existing ideas and propose a costume-made solution based on the requirements.

Key objectives:
• Defining the requirements for the robot floor;
• Considering the dynamic load into the calculation;
• Considering the impact load from a robot to a column/handrail;
• Considering the vibration from the robots;
• Considering the SLS limits based on the robot type;
• Performing a study to define the minimum required properties of the floorboard in terms of friction resistance, wear resistance, etc.


Experience you will gain:
• Solving real-world problems;
• Developing and implementing new ideas;
• In-depth knowledge for cold-formed structures;
• Getting familiar with the market trends in the industry.

Applicant Qualifications:
Prefer a student who:
• Is majoring in the field of internship or related to it such as civil engineering and mechanical engineering;
• Is familiar with an international context;
• Has excellent research skills;
• Is very detail-oriented and good at follow-up;
• Prefer experience with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook;
• Good writing and verbal skills;
• Knowledge of structural engineering concepts.

Company supervisors:
1- Christian van Westenbrugge, Technical Director;
2- Navid Nikraftar, Structural Engineer;
3- Samer Alwan, Structural Engineer.


The internship period consists of two parts.
1. Full-time, up to 38 hours per week in summer 2021. Flexible hours prefer 6 hours per day, 5 days/week;
2. Part-time, up to 16 hours per week in fall 2021. Flexible hours prefer 6 hours per day, 2 days/week.

How to Apply:
You can send your application to
Please do not forget to attach your resume along with a short description of yourself and your passion for this subject.

Application Deadline:
We are open to start the internship as soon as we receive the application.

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Uw CV mag maximaal 1 MB groot zijn en moet als Word document (.doc of .docx) worden aangeleverd.

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